Creating a fuel cell for my 08 R1200RT BMW


Base for trays

Side View

Self Supported

Self Supported

Front View

Left Side View

Tray installed slides in and out

Tool tray installed

Cell in its own tray with tool tray removed

Cell tray slides out easily

Cell in its tray installed in base


Cell installed in the base


Cell Tray is lined with neoprene


Trays fitment


Side view with 1550 Pelican


Additional side view

HID Decoders installed for HID low beams

Additional view of HID Decoder

Rear view of tray with Pelican 1550


Rear view of tray without Pelican 1550

Tool tray will be easily assessible

Tool tray 1/2 open


Tool Tray without cell and Pelican

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