So Many Roads.....So Little Time
When I get older...Losing my hair...Many years from now..Will you still need...Will you still feed me..When I'm 64...Thanks Paul McCartney for those oh so appropriate words.

"Life is Good, I guess" by Steve Maxwell on June 29, 2006, 3:08 pm, in category General
I've learned not to complain to much about my aching back problems.  Within this past two weeks, our neighborhood block has seen two deaths.  One 18 yr old died tragically in an automobile accident and yesterday afternoon an elderly, 80 year old gentleman passed away at his home.  I'm reminded of Mark, a fellow real estate instructor/broker who's motto is "Keep Smiling". I know it can be really hard to keep smiling despite the trauma in other's lives.  I'm also reminded that the medical community says laughing and smiling adds years to your life.  I was fortunate to endure over 33 years of stressful employment with disabled/behavioral students in public schools and earned my early retirement in June of 2005.  I really am a whole lot happier and at peace knowing that part of my life has ended and am kicking my other career into high gear.  Life is Good, I guess... so I keep smiling.