So Many Roads.....So Little Time
When I get older...Losing my hair...Many years from now..Will you still need...Will you still feed me..When I'm 64...Thanks Paul McCartney for those oh so appropriate words.

"It's July" by Steve Maxwell on July 8, 2006, 2:39 pm, in category General
Where in the heck did June go to.....?  Anyway, today feels like Sunday because the family didn't have "Some Place" to go.  Judy got a lot accomplished.  She repainted the trim on the shed white.  Why is is that paint never lasts more than two years and must be repainted?...I don't know.  She did a good job but messed up her manicure a little.  BTW, last night on the way to eat at a Mexican place in Herrin, we BOTH stopped and had manicures.  12.00 each.  Today we both worked around the house and my pretty clear polish is almost gone.  Fooey, heck fire....dangit.  I have to admit that I did feel prettier for a little while.  My first and last manicure ruined...Blame it on Goldie.  Earlier this week my brother rode into Marion on his Hardley Davison ;-), FAT BOY from Huntsville, AL.  Man was he TIGHT.  We had a good time and I rode Goldie part way back (to Paducah).  It was the longest I ridden since my back surgeries and it felt good, but Goldie sure ha