So Many Roads.....So Little Time
When I get older...Losing my hair...Many years from now..Will you still need...Will you still feed me..When I'm 64...Thanks Paul McCartney for those oh so appropriate words.

"Swimmer's ear" by Steve Maxwell on July 21, 2006, 1:50 pm, in category General
I developed "Swimmer's Ear" this past week.  I couldn't believe how aggresive that problem can be.  I went to Vienna on Friday to do an appraisal and by the afternoon my left ear really began to hurt.  By Saturday morning I was bedridden and the pain was intense.  A quick to the Med Station, a bunch of new drugs, and a week later, I'm almost over it.  Now I recall when Kelly was just an infant, that poor child had a long series of ear infections that resulted in three sets of ear tubes before she was 4 years old.  I know it's much too late, but I apologized to her for all the pain she must have gone through. She turns 18 in less than three weeks.  Today she got an early birthday of those fancy Motorola Razer cell phones.  In a way I think she earned that luxury a long time ago.